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Cool Story Bra by Danny420Dale
Cool Story Bra
For when you really really just cannot believe someone's bullshit without some support!
Star Trek Catalina Wip4 by Danny420Dale
Star Trek Catalina Wip4
More deflector work, added rear torpedo room and pylon phaser strips, lit the Bussards.
Star Trek 'Attack Cat' Catalina Wip Front by Danny420Dale
Star Trek 'Attack Cat' Catalina Wip Front
Deflector is done for the most part. Fitted the ship with more rugged, redundant, and damage-tolerant Bussard collector modules and twin phaser cannon turret modules in the barbettes for a total of eight barrels. This forms a highly effective 'Attack Cat' configuration. Turrets can lock directly forward or rearward for synchronized firing, or independently track any target in their fields of view including small highly-maneuverable fighters.

Nacelles [not visible] can be a Model 5-7 pair for an efficient 'Patrol Cat' configuration, or Model 7-11 nacelles fitted for a high-speed fast-reaction 'Cheetah' fit at the cost of some 40% of the original design range, but retaining substantially superior range to any pre-Kosinski ship. Both engine configurations would fit an offset field-control fin emphasizing maneuverability at warp.
Star Trek Catalina Wip3 by Danny420Dale
Star Trek Catalina Wip3
Bussards and deflector roughed in, and lotsa small improvements. Fixed godawful MSD color for something that isn't so eyeball-shredding. 
Star Trek Catalina Wip2 by Danny420Dale
Star Trek Catalina Wip2
Pylons. This part was quite the bear to work through. Not seen are the rear and ventral elevations developed on the main parts yard to get the shapes correct! Also developed new fins for greater cruise efficiency. Original long fins optimized for speed are retained on main parts yard for fitting to Model 7-11 Nacelle. 

This depiction is configured with Model 5-7 nacelle and new shorter field-control fin for maximum cruise efficiency. Saucer Barbettes are fitted with two Sensor Turrets. Port turret is shown extended, starboard is retracted on fore elevation. Barbettes are built strong enough to withstand Warp 9.9 flight with turrets fully extended or no turret installed.


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