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D420d2-400 by Danny420Dale
Logo thing for signing my artwork. I smashed it together last October with No idea why I waited so long to upload it.
Star Trek Catalina Wip5 by Danny420Dale
Star Trek Catalina Wip5
Belated update because my muse disappeared three weeks ago.

I developed modules that could fit on the warp nacelle hardpoints, then added four more of these hardpoints to the primary hull, rated for the same mass and power handling as the nacelle mounts. Default fit would be a pair of science pallets and a pair of very large double-ended phaser cannons, easily tripling the ship's long-range firepower both fore and aft. Science pallets can be mounted anywhere on the ship, while the phaser cannons would be preferentially mounted directly to the nacelles to directly tap main power. Extra shield modules can be installed into the science pallets.

Also added a reinforced bumper pad to the ventral fantail. Simulations revealed the slightly horrifying possibility that planetary landing of a heavily aft-loaded Catalina stardrive section with no saucer attached can cause the ship to rock back on its rear landing gear [not shown] and become the world's biggest taildragger, sustaining massive tailstrike damage to the shuttlebay and fantail in the process. Bumper pad will be rated to bear the full weight of the stardrive equipped with 7-11 nacelles and full rack of four heavy phaser cannons. A scary situation now becomes an interesting design quirk. Normally, mass-lightening and structural-integrity field technology would render this problem moot, but this ship is designed for ruggedness and fault-tolerance in hostile environments.

I'd like to thank :iconjonbluestone: for his immense help with this iteration of the Catalina design.
Cool Story Bra by Danny420Dale
Cool Story Bra
For when you really really just cannot believe someone's bullshit without some support!
Star Trek Catalina Wip4 by Danny420Dale
Star Trek Catalina Wip4
More deflector work, added rear torpedo room and pylon phaser strips, lit the Bussards.
Star Trek 'Attack Cat' Catalina Wip Front by Danny420Dale
Star Trek 'Attack Cat' Catalina Wip Front
Deflector is done for the most part. Fitted the ship with more rugged, redundant, and damage-tolerant Bussard collector modules and twin phaser cannon turret modules in the barbettes for a total of eight barrels. This forms a highly effective 'Attack Cat' configuration. Turrets can lock directly forward or rearward for synchronized firing, or independently track any target in their fields of view including small highly-maneuverable fighters.

Nacelles [not visible] can be a Model 5-7 pair for an efficient 'Patrol Cat' configuration, or Model 7-11 nacelles fitted for a high-speed fast-reaction 'Cheetah' fit at the cost of some 40% of the original design range, but retaining substantially superior range to any pre-Kosinski ship. Both engine configurations would fit an offset field-control fin emphasizing maneuverability at warp.


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